But i do not think it certain that this sum would be adequate to the necessities

In fact, in Lombard Street, the principal depositors of the bill-brokers are the bankers, whether of London, or of provincial England, or of Scotland, or Ireland. in January 1867, being an increase of over 6,000,000 L.

if he has it.

We know, of course, what the annual net addition to the total stock of gold in India (_i.

It is imagined that because bank notes are a legal tender, the Bank has some peculiar duty to help other people. So long as the savings remain in possession of their owners, these hazardous gamblings in speculative undertakings are almost the whole effect of an excess of accumulation over tested investment. _ since the closing of the Mints, and specially since the new equilibrium which was reached in 1900, Mr. During the infancy of Indian banking, nevertheless, it will very likely be wise to have some precise rule as to the kind and amount of the reserves. At present the quantity of coin which is hoarded by private persons is so small, that it would, if brought forth, make no perceptible addition to the circulation.

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